This is just a weird sensation. It happened just sunday afternoon of May (I think, coz’ I dont remember the exact date anyway) when I am in a bike drifting along the vastness place of the Rizal Technopark over University of Rizal System Taytay. It came to happened when it starts to go dark with those cumulunimbus clouds heading towards me so im in hurry to go back home. Meanwhile as im busy biking “faster than a sport’s car”, a sudden flash of lightning had struck infront of me several kilometers away from where I am followed by the roar of a rumbling thunder. Few moments have past and another strike was I felt beside of my sight and a KABOOM bomb explosion I heard. It was shocking and preferably terrifying for me that I almost tends to jump over my bike. I learned after all that people around me have witnessed a big flash of lightning heads its deadly strike near from where I am on that time. From that point of events, there is an idea that build up into my mind that there is a probably a change of sound intensity whenever there is a lightning elsewhere had  struck from an area.


A cloud to ground (CG) lightning strike.

Ok! This become scientifically!.

There is a scientific law which corresponds to what I had been observed and that is the Doppler effect (named after Christian Doppler) which states that

A change in the observed frequency of a wave, as of sound or light,
occurring when the source and
observer are in motion relative to each other, with the frequency
increasing when the source and
observer approach each other and decreasing when they move apart.


For much simple understanding, the doppler effect is observed when there is a change in a reference point of an origin of the frequency towards or behind the observer resulting for an increase (towards the observer) or decrease (behind the observer) of the frequency value. The illustration shows that there are two persons (observer) sightning a police mobile along the road. Since that the police mobile had passed behind the person in a red shirt, he/she will hear a much lower pitch of the mobile siren than the person towards the incoming mobile, resulting to high pitch hearing.

For instance in lightning, the observer is fixed from a reference point while the lightning is always strike towards a different locations corresponds to the observer distance making a change in  reference point. As what I have observed at the first place, I heard a rumbling thunder after a lightning struck infront of me several kilometers from where I am while a sonic boom like bomb explosion I heard after a lightning flashed 100 meters beside me. Pretty how lucky I am! :D

Anyway this is how it works!


*I pertain the flash point as the “ground zero” where the flash had occured.

Lets take a look what you will be heard as the lightning will strike elsewhere corresponds to your distance!

If you are..
Morethan 10 kilometers from the flashpoint, the thunder you will be able to hear is just like a whisper of a rolling thunder or seemingly no noice of a thunder after all.

Between 9 to 6 kilometers from the flashpoint
A rumbling series of a bass drum you will probably hear.

Between 5 to 3 kilometers..
A rumbling like running giant will be heard. Its just like the sound of a passing F15 jets towards you.

Along 2 to 1 kilometer..
A sudden bomb like explosion will be heard after a bright flash of lightning.

and less than 0 kilometers or “meters” apart from the flashpoint..

A noise of a tearing paper.

Among those observation, the wierdest thing is when you are very near from the flashpoint (lets say that you are at 500m apart from the lightning strike). After the tearing sound, you could also felt a warm air rushing towards you. This is a part of the air particle expansion after the lightning has been struck the path of air molecules creating a loud noise which what we call as thunder. Air when heated will expand but when they put into a cooler environment, they will shrink. A sudden tremendous heat (as for the lightning which is believe to be as hot as the surface temperature of the sun) will cause a high rate expansion of the air resulting shockwaves and loud noise. Tearing noise is just an effect of the lightning current passing into a different medium making a tendency of a tearing sound.

However before we end anything up here, the noise intensity or the thunder created by the lightning is much be too loud as for those areas near beside a mountain. Mountains and several sky crapers could manipulate the sound of a thunder by simply echoing the sound towards each other resulting to sound intensification and diminishing even the source thunder is 10 kilometers away.

And hey! For most of all, dont made fun watching lightnings. Its very risky and too dangerous! :)

Have a great dat folks! :-)

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